Happy women’s day!.daktari mkononi tunamjali mwanamke.

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Faith Custor

The beauty of creation is in a woman,hold her hand,support her,and she will surely make a change and everything she touches will eventually become very beautiful.#pressforprogress

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Monica Mtei

Empowering women means being part in developing our world😊 #pressforprogress

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Flaviana Nyatu

Educate a woman and let her live her dreams.#pressforprogress

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Anna Jazza

All women deserve access to internet,let them be part of the fast moving software and computer technology world.#pressforprogress

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Beatha Mdendemi

The age of a woman doesn’t mean a thiing. The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles.#pressforprogress

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Beatrice Aiko

No woman will reach her dreams if she stops pressing more in everything positive. #pressforprogress

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Wema Kibanga

Progress in education,politics,bussiness,health and all social aspects join daktari mkononi in pressing and going towards the goal by educating women on health issues.#pressforprogress

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Aneth Msophe

I am a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s ME. #pressforprogress

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Ratiba ya Wiki Hii

Jumatatu: Afya ya mtoto
Jumanne: Magonjwa yasiyo ya kuambukiza
Jumatano: Magonjwa ya Dharura na Magonjwa mengine
Alhamisi: Lishe na Mazoezi
Ijumaa: Ujauzito na Magonjwa ya Wanawake
Jumamosi: Afya ya uzazi
Jumapili: Magonjwa ya kuambukiza


Afya ya mtoto: Dr. Julieth Joseph
Afya ya Kinywa na Meno: Dr. Baraka Kileo
Famasia: Pharm. Hans Nniko
Sexual Health Dr. Deogratius Mtei
Lishe na Mazoezi: Dr. James Hellar
Magonjwa ya Dharura: Dr. Kilalo Mjema
Magonjwa ya moyo na Shinikizo la damu: Dr Hussein Manji
Saratani: Dr. Mathew Cosmas
Ujauzito na Magonjwa ya Wanawake: Dr. Walter Msirikale

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Daktari Mkononi is a platform that contains health related information and connects health personnels and the society. Made by a group of medical students and overseen by doctors with love and passion to ensure healthy lives 🙂






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